Dear all

The Honourable Judge Dlamini instructed me to convey the following Directives to you, please kindly transmit the message to the other parties who are not copied herein:

  1. Draft Orders and Practice Notes must be uploaded in word format on or before 16/05/2022.
  2. Failure to upload the above will result to the removal of the matter.
  3. All matters will be determined on the papers.
  4. Only the parties who will be required to appear may use the MS Teams link on the Court Roll.
  5. Parties who will be required to appear will be notified in due cause.
  6. Once the matter becomes opposed (the Respondent comes to Court), the Applicant will be notified with their contact details, and also be required to appear on the date on the hearing.
  7. Removals and postponement must be communicated with the Judge’s Secretary beforehand.
  8. You are advised to regularly check the Notes on the caselines system in order to address the Judge’s query.
  9. The signed Court Orders will be duly uploaded onto the caselines system within 7 court days after it has been granted.