The Red Book

Please Note:
The Disciplinary Rulings (Chapter 7 of the red book) and the 2014 Professional Committee Chair’s advice rulings are available to members of the Johannesburg Bar only. Please fill in the form on the right to arrange to have this chapter or the chair’s rulings emailed to you if you are a member of the Johannesburg Bar.

Title File Name
01 – Forewords 1-Forewords.pdf
02-List-of-Chairmen-and-Secretaries-of-the-Bar-Council 2-List-of-Chairmen-and-Secretaries-of-the-Bar-Council-1.pdf
03 – Constitution of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates Constitution-of-the-Johannesburg-Society-of-Advocates.pdf
05 – GCB Uniform Rules of Ethics updated 2017 AGM 05-GCB-Uniform-Rules-of-Ethics-updated-2017-AGM.pdf
06 – Local Rules of Ethics local-rules.pdf
08 – Fees Survey 8-Fees-Survey.pdf
09 – Criteria and Procedures for the Conferment of Silk Criteria-and-Procedures-for-the-Conferment-of-Silk.pdf
10 – Important Bar Council Resolutions 10-Important-Bar-Council-Resolutions.pdf
11 – GCB Constitution (updated July 2012) 11-GCB-Constitution-updated-July-2012.pdf
Index Index.pdf

Title File Name
04 – Policy for membership leave of absence etc – Amended 12-02-2020 Policy-for-membership-leave-of-absence-etc-Amended-12-02-2020.pdf
Equality and Diversity Policy – 2 Oct 2012 EQUALITY-AND-DIVERSITY-POLICY-2-OCT-2012.pdf
Harassment Policy – 2 Oct 2012 HARASSMENT-POLICY-2-Oct-2012.pdf
JSA-Sexual-Harassment-Policy JSA-Sexual-Harassment-Policy.pdf
Maternity Policy – 2 Oct 2012 MATERNITY-POLICY-2-OCT-2012.pdf

Disciplinary Rulings

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