Good day Ladies and Gentlemen

RE: Opposed Motion Court in front of Wepener J for week of 22 to 26 August 2022

Judge Wepener is doing Opposed Motion Court during the week of 22 to 26 August 2022.

Please find attached hereto a copy of the roll in front of Judge Wepener for the week.

All the matters on the roll for that day in front of Judge Wepener will be heard on Microsoft Teams.

You will find also attached hereto a copy of the Directive issued by Judge Wepener regarding recording of matters on Microsoft Teams hearings.

The court does not accept any hard copies of documents nor does it accept any Notice of Motion, returns of service or affidavits by email. All document must be uploaded onto Caselines.

Practice Notes, Draft Orders (in Word format), Heads of Argument and or any Settlement agreements, with any annexures that are referred to in the draft order, must be uploaded onto Caselines and emailed to me by Friday 5 August 2022 at 16h00 save is permitted in the Revised Practice Directive of the Deputy Judge President dated 8 July 2022.

Parties also need to email to me to my work email address (mmoolman) and please CC my private email as well (at mornayluke) the following before Friday 5 August 2022 at 16h00 :

1. A copy of the Proposed draft order in Word format containing the Judges name, the date of hearing and all other relevant information and or any Settlement agreements and all the annexures referred to in the draft order and or Settlement agreement;

2. A Practice Note from the Applicant and or the respondent containing all the names and email addresses of all the parties (attorneys, counsel) that need to be invited to the Microsoft Teams meetings with the estimated duration of the matter and issues to decide contained in it;

3. The Practice Note must also confirm that no recordings of the hearing will be made by any party attending the Microsoft Teams hearing as per the Directive by Judge Wepener attached hereto.

4. Heads of Argument referring to the correct Caselines numbering when referring to papers in the record.

If counsel do not email me their drafts in Word format, Practice Notes and / or Settlement Agreements (if any) by Friday 5 August 2022 at 16h00, their matters will be removed from the roll.

Please ensure that the details of the counsel that is moving the matter is at the bottom of the draft as per the Practice Manual.

Also find attached hereto an example of how your draft orders have to be formatted. Please make sure your draft orders are in the same format as the example.

Counsel and or attorneys that will be moving their matter /s at the Microsoft Teams hearing must to be robed.


Draft order example.docx

Directive – unauthorised recordings of virtual hearings (2).docx