Dear all

  1. Herewith the MS Teams link to join the virtual court proceedings before Windell J on 16 May 2022 and 18 May 2022 at 10:00
  2. There will be no physical appearance.
  3. Legal representatives are kindly requested to upload copies of practice notes and draft orders to the electronic court file on CaseLines in their respective matters.
  4. Practitioners must approach the Registrar’s office to request return dates well before the hearing of any unopposed application that requires an allocation of a return date.
  5. Microphones and videos should remain muted unless you are addressing the court.
  6. Parties appearing in person, without access to the electronic platform, are directed to court room 9E on 16 May 2022 and court room 9B on 18 May 2022 on the ninth floor of the court building where they will be assisted.
  7. Matters will be called by number but where a practitioner has more than one matter enrolled, all of those matters may be called immediately after their first matter.
  8. Instructing attorneys are requested to forward this link to counsel who have been briefed in their matters.
  9. The unauthorised recording of judicial proceedings is not permitted.

Kind regards

Antoinette du Toit

Judge’s secretary

Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg

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